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NCLEX Application Forms and Instructions

How to apply and the forms you may need to fill out in order to take the NCLEX.

NCLEX Testing Locations

Contact information for the testing locations in any state or country that the NCLEX exam is given.

Online NCLEX Tutoring

Are you struggling with a specific topic on the NCLEX, or are not sure how to go about studying? Get the assistance you need with online tutoring and prep classes.

NCLEX Pass Rates

What's the average pass rate where you're going to take the NCLEX? Which schools have the best track record for passing NCLEX? Go here to find out.

NCLEX Practice Questions

Are you looking for sample questions to practice for NCLEX? See these samples of our questions.

NCLEX Review Topics

Helpful review content to brush up on popular topics for NCLEX.

Nursing Salaries

Interested to know what your salary will be like once you pass the NCLEX? An easy to use calculator for many types of nurses.

NCLEX Registration Overview

A brief overview of the process of registering to take the NCLEX exam in the USA.


Perhaps everything you ever wanted to know about the NCLEX test - questions such as: "What's the difference between the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN?" "How do I apply for the NCLEX Test?" "When do I get my test results?" and many more.


Some of our top strategies and techniques to help you effectively study and pass the NCLEX exam.

NCLEX-RN Content | NCLEX-LPN Content

How formidable is the NCLEX test really? What topics are actually on the NCLEX? What are the question formats? No need to be confused, we clarify this information for you!

Other tests you may have to take before the NCLEX:

The HESI and The NCLEX
Information about the HESI exam as a prerequisite to the NCLEX exam.
Information about the IELTS exam as a prerequisite to the NCLEX exam.
Information about the TOEFL exam as a prerequisite to the NCLEX exam.
Information about the CGFNS exam as a prerequisite to the NCLEX exam.

Report on 2021 NCLEX Pass Rates in Georgia In year 2021 the pass rate was significantly lower than the previous 3 years, dropping from about 90% to 86%. However, we also identified schools that had maintained their high standards.