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Wisconsin Nurse Salaries and Hourly Wages

AreaJobAnnual SalaryHourly Wage
WisconsinRN - Registered Nurses$76,560$36.8
WisconsinLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$47,750$22.9
Appleton, WIRN - Registered Nurses$75,380$36.2
Eau Claire, WIRN - Registered Nurses$74,950$36.0
Fond du Lac, WIRN - Registered Nurses$74,000$35.5
Green Bay, WIRN - Registered Nurses$75,960$36.5
Janesville-Beloit, WIRN - Registered Nurses$75,000$36.0
La Crosse-Onalaska, WI-MNRN - Registered Nurses$75,000$36.0
Madison, WIRN - Registered Nurses$79,120$38.0
Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis, WIRN - Registered Nurses$78,780$37.8
Oshkosh-Neenah, WIRN - Registered Nurses$75,040$36.0
Racine, WIRN - Registered Nurses$76,660$36.8
Sheboygan, WIRN - Registered Nurses$76,480$36.7
Wausau, WIRN - Registered Nurses$74,410$35.7
Appleton, WILPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$47,880$23.0
Eau Claire, WILPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$46,550$22.3
Fond du Lac, WILPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$46,620$22.4
Green Bay, WILPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$46,740$22.4
Janesville-Beloit, WILPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$47,440$22.8
La Crosse-Onalaska, WI-MNLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$47,020$22.6
Madison, WILPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$49,310$23.7
Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis, WILPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$49,410$23.7
Oshkosh-Neenah, WILPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$46,910$22.5
Racine, WILPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$47,770$22.9
Sheboygan, WILPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$47,170$22.6
Wausau, WILPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$46,660$22.4
Northwestern Wisconsin nonmetropolitan areaRN - Registered Nurses$72,950$35.0
Northeastern Wisconsin nonmetropolitan areaRN - Registered Nurses$74,130$35.6
South Central Wisconsin nonmetropolitan areaRN - Registered Nurses$75,000$36.0
Western Wisconsin nonmetropolitan areaRN - Registered Nurses$75,880$36.4
Northwestern Wisconsin nonmetropolitan areaLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$46,690$22.4
Northeastern Wisconsin nonmetropolitan areaLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$46,370$22.3
South Central Wisconsin nonmetropolitan areaLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$46,820$22.5
Western Wisconsin nonmetropolitan areaLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$46,690$22.4

Source: Official US Govt Data Released in 2022