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Puerto Rico Nurse Salaries and Hourly Wages

AreaJobAnnual SalaryHourly Wage
Puerto RicoRN - Registered Nurses$36,320$17.4
Puerto RicoLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$22,320$10.7
Aguadilla-Isabela, PRRN - Registered Nurses$29,090$13.9
Arecibo, PRRN - Registered Nurses$35,740$17.1
Guayama, PRRN - Registered Nurses$28,680$13.7
Mayaguez, PRRN - Registered Nurses$29,210$14.0
Ponce, PRRN - Registered Nurses$28,860$13.8
San German, PRRN - Registered Nurses$29,200$14.0
San Juan-Carolina-Caguas, PRRN - Registered Nurses$36,730$17.6
Aguadilla-Isabela, PRLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$21,240$10.2
Arecibo, PRLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$17,490$8.41
Guayama, PRLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$28,360$13.6
Mayaguez, PRLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$17,490$8.41
Ponce, PRLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$16,850$8.10
San German, PRLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$18,150$8.73
San Juan-Carolina-Caguas, PRLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$22,840$10.9
Puerto Rico nonmetropolitan areaRN - Registered Nurses$29,040$13.9

Source: Official US Govt Data Released in 2022