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Indiana Nurse Salaries and Hourly Wages

AreaJobAnnual SalaryHourly Wage
IndianaRN - Registered Nurses$62,400$30.0
IndianaLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$48,070$23.1
Bloomington, INRN - Registered Nurses$61,340$29.4
Columbus, INRN - Registered Nurses$60,990$29.3
Elkhart-Goshen, INRN - Registered Nurses$61,790$29.7
Evansville, IN-KYRN - Registered Nurses$61,030$29.3
Fort Wayne, INRN - Registered Nurses$61,030$29.3
Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson, INRN - Registered Nurses$64,990$31.2
Kokomo, INRN - Registered Nurses$75,000$36.0
Lafayette-West Lafayette, INRN - Registered Nurses$64,200$30.8
Michigan City-La Porte, INRN - Registered Nurses$60,550$29.1
Muncie, INRN - Registered Nurses$60,550$29.1
South Bend-Mishawaka, IN-MIRN - Registered Nurses$62,390$30.0
Terre Haute, INRN - Registered Nurses$60,810$29.2
Bloomington, INLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$47,270$22.7
Columbus, INLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$46,950$22.5
Elkhart-Goshen, INLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$48,000$23.0
Evansville, IN-KYLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$47,610$22.8
Fort Wayne, INLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$47,090$22.6
Indianapolis-Carmel-Anderson, INLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$49,220$23.6
Kokomo, INLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$48,310$23.2
Lafayette-West Lafayette, INLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$49,190$23.6
Michigan City-La Porte, INLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$47,640$22.9
Muncie, INLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$46,690$22.4
South Bend-Mishawaka, IN-MILPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$47,490$22.8
Terre Haute, INLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$46,640$22.4
Northern Indiana nonmetropolitan areaRN - Registered Nurses$60,550$29.1
Central Indiana nonmetropolitan areaRN - Registered Nurses$62,360$29.9
Southern Indiana nonmetropolitan areaRN - Registered Nurses$60,610$29.1
Northern Indiana nonmetropolitan areaLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$47,180$22.6
Central Indiana nonmetropolitan areaLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$47,000$22.6
Southern Indiana nonmetropolitan areaLPN - Licensed Practical Nurses$46,850$22.5

Source: Official US Govt Data Released in 2022