NCLEX Forms for Oregon

Application for Licensure by Examination

RN/LPN Application:

RN/LPN Licensure Application: $160.00
Fingerprint/Criminal Background Check Processing Fee: $52.00
Fingerprint taking fee: Varies

All fees are non-refundable. Fees are payable to the Oregon State Board of Nursing.


  • Application forms for the state of Oregon must be submitted on paper. Licensure by Examination Application Packets are usually obtained during a Board of Nursing presentation at your nursing school. Packets may also be obtained  from your nursing program dean/director, or directly from the OSBN office.  
  • Fingerprints and criminal background checks are required.
  • Applicants with criminal or disciplinary history must disclose that information and will be required to work with an OSBN investigator/advisor.
  • Submitting the application for licensure by examination does NOT register you for the NCLEX exam. Applicants must register and pay separately for the exam by going to:

As part of the application process you must:

  • Register to take the NCLEX.
  • Obtain a recent (less than six months old), passport-size photograph (2x2) and affix it to the Examination Picture Identification Form.
  • Take the Examination Picture Identification Form to the Director or Dean of your nursing school. They must sign it and seal it and send it directly to the Board of Nursing.
  • Request an official school transcript. This is done by filling out the Transcript Request Form (section 1) and sending it to the Registrar's office at your school. Transcripts should be sent directly from the Registrar's office to the Board.
  • Make an appointment to have your fingerprints taken. Fingerprints may be done at any local law enforcement agency or through a private vendor. A fingerprint card is included in the application packet, but you may submit a card provided by the fingerprinting service.
  • Fill out the Fingerprint Identity Verification Form and take it with you to the fingerprinting service location. The fingerprinting service should put the completed fingerprint card and Fingerprint Identity Verification Form in a sealed envelope and give it back to you. The form is found here:
  • Mail the completed and signed application form to the Board of Nursing along with the appropriate fee and the sealed envelope containing the completed fingerprint card and Identity Verification Form. Don't forget to include the $52.00 fingerprint processing fee.

Licensing Process
Once you are registered for the exam and the application, fee, fingerprints and supporting documentation have been received, the Board will determine your eligibility to test.

Applicants who are deemed eligible to test will receive an Authorization To Test (ATT) notification directly from the testing service. The ATT letter will include information regarding scheduling the examination. 

When passing examination results are received by the Board a license will be issued.

About Temporary Permits

The Board does not issue temporary licenses. 

Candidates with Disabilities:
If you require special accommodations during the exam, you must indicate this in the application. Once you have done this, the Board will mail you more specific instructions. You will need to provide additional documentation including:

  • A written request
  • A letter from an appropriate medical professional confirming the disability and diagnosis, and identifying the special accommodations that are needed
  • A letter from the applicant's nursing program indicating what accommodations were provided by the school.

More information on accommodations may be found here:

Need More Information?

Access the site for the Oregon Board of Nursing here: